My name is Edwige (pronounced as edueezh) and I live in London..

My Music My Path

I have never felt I belonged to any particular country , culture , religion or philosophy . I have always felt more like a visitor here on Earth , nourishing myself from the various cultures which I encountered , and helping people whom I met along the way. Not that i imagined myself being from another planet or era just that i had something specific to do which wouldn’t match the norms and expectations of the society .
I must have sung before I spoke, and then wrote my own music to be true to myself. My lyrics reflect what I live and believe. I had almost finished the first year at the university of Mathematics, as one of the youngest student when I decided to follow my yearning for performing, and to continue writing songs.
i sensed even at a very young age that I had a different  awareness from  people around me and all I wanted was the truth. I realized that neither those close to me , family, teachers, the government nor the society at large could and would provide it. So I l distanced myself from  what couldn’t lead me to it, left all and started my search. However I hadn’t any clue on in what shape it would come.I didn’t believe in God or denied Him as denying something is already recognizing its existence .
Many confuse customs,traditions, culture, rites and rituals with faith .Though I found in each religion some beautiful truths, and I enjoyed the lyricism and poetry of Sufism, none reflected a perfect truth and it was so with any philosophy or Sciences . Ninety per cent of truth doesn’t justify ten per cent of falsehood.
It couldn’t come from my human nature .When it finally came to a point of such despair , a friend i hadn’t seen for years wrote to me about having found God and though it was associated with some Eastern customs, the concept of a divine being became a reality. I followed the teaching for a little time until it became apparent that it had no real foundation. I left it and meandered spiritually, having integrated God but with my own idea of Him : a mishmash of views and adopted beliefs.
And this until I was given a book ,the most beautiful book I ever read. It was more that just written pages, it was the key that opened the gate of spiritual understanding.The book was “The Desire of Ages” by Ellen G White.It covers the part of the Bible when Jesus came on earth. It is not only a historical account but also a revelation of the mind of God, His plan and the only way one could be changed, the only hope of salvation for a human being .The process of learning started then with the study of   the Scriptures. It led me to  understand why most people in this world, including Christians, still believe false doctrines or pure fantasy. The Bible unfolded its truths in the measure I was able to receive them , progressively, and the prophecies it contained for 6000 years led to the present time! I could follow with history books the events prophesized till their completion and grasp the link and reason between them all . I am still learning and it puts me at odds with many who claim to being with God especially Christians but are blind to the truth. We are living such important times and the Bible is very clear about now being the time of the end, so present truth is paramount: Christ asserted that He will come back. All the prophecies from Old and New Testaments point to that event.
There are sincere people in all Faiths even in the belief of Santa Claus but as someone once said : ”Is something true because you believe it or do you believe it because it is true?”
Then where is the proof ?
If true it has to be proven so ; Only one supreme being made the claim to being God and giving the proof of it :
God divided infinity into time (Genesis ) and time is the witness of past present and future .
Isa 42:9 Behold, the former things are come to pass, and new things do I declare: before they spring forth I tell you of them.
John 13:19
Now I tell you before it come, that, when it is come to pass, ye may believe that I am he.

What we can know which God reveals, we must learn and understand .What we cannot know we must accept by faith.
So i study the word of God in His own Word praying to be transformed by it in His image, and let the Holy Spirit guide me through the understanding of it .
The blessed gift of music and expressing my Faith through it was my constant companion and i have performed in clubs both in London and New York. But my songs are a better reflection of my path than any explanation, so I hope you’ll enjoy listening to my music as much as I enjoy singing it.